Cultural beliefs - how to hack them for impact.

A talk by Dr. Sebastian Vetter
Innovation Consultant / Radical Innovation, Innovate Strategy, Germany

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About this talk

Sebastian talks about how organisations need to find existing good values and principles that enable them to 'fight fires' successfully and then scale them into sustainable agility. He shares his perspectives and examples on Radical Innovation and a how to 'hack cultural beliefs‘. This new approach can be applied in traditional industries as well as to solve social issues like the housing crisis in large cities, like Berlin.
„We always look for whatever belief system are coupled together, that are connected, that could be disconnected… and in fashion, two tings that are coupled are status and highly prized brands. And then we looked for, what are other examples of cultures who have clothing or accessories that portray status? And we looked at the Native Americans. And imagine a chief who has, you know, his feathers, they would portray status. But what’s unique there? The status can’t be purchased. You couldn’t just buy more feathers or just find them and increase your status. You would have to earn them. So we found this insight interesting and we thought, OK, how might that look like if we disrupt the fashion industry by using that paradigm… And so one concept we developed was a running shoe that is not for purchase, one that would have to be earned..."

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Dr. Sebastian Vetter

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